Sunday, August 14, 2016

Up for a Challenge?

Hi Friends,
How are you this weekend? It's so hot here in North Carolina we can't bear to be outside. The last painting I did was in the very hot garage early on Saturday morning. Otherwise, I've been working inside. I took my daughter and her friend ice skating on Saturday- that was a very good idea. Ah! Coldness!

I wanted to share with you two chairs I bought a few days ago at a thrift store. I knew I liked their lines but I knew they needed help.

Honestly, I wasn't quite sure how I can going to help them but I was going to try. The first thing I did was paint them with Provence (blue) Annie Sloan chalk paint...

After painting them, I knew I like how the wood was turning out but I was realizing that the velvet materials WAS NOT going to take kindly to the chalk paint. So, I hesitantly started pulling the chair apart...literally. I was careful. I realized I could cover up the front and back top sections. That left the bottom to deal with. I took everything on the bottom seat apart but left the mechanisms for supporting weight intact. After several trips to the fabric store for fabric and trim I was ready to make some magic happen.

I think I used every possible tool possible to put these chairs back together and help them become beautiful. Glue gun, staple gun, nail gun, exacto knife, hammer, scissors, fabric, trim, cushions, paint, paint brush, paint wax....woo hoo!

Here are the beauties. They're gone now, they had a short life in my home and I wish them well in their new home. They were my first Pay Pal sale:

What do you think? I loved them and would have happily kept them.

Here's another friend waiting patiently in my garage for me to do some magic on and make beautiful once again.....stay tuned.....

Stay cool friends! I hope you have an amazing upcoming week.
Happy decorating and living,

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Experimenting with Different Chalk Paint Colors

Hi Friends,
Thanks for stopping by to see me! With the rascals back in school over a week now and my work travel schedule being super light this month, I've been busy making over old sad pieces of furniture with new chalk paint colors (new to me) by Annie Sloan.

Here are some of my new pieces.....

Paloma (think pretty lavender gray) make-over pieces:


Always a favorite, Paris Gray:

Thanks for stopping by today. I'm off to make over more sad furniture pieces to give them a new life as a beauty. Hope you're having a great week,

Monday, June 27, 2016

Thursday, June 23, 2016

New furniture make-overs

Thanks for stopping by The Chalkboard Cottage. I'm excited to share with you some of the pieces I've made over recently using Annie Sloan's chalk paint:

French Linen painted end table-

French Linen painted chair plus distressing so pops of the blue paint underneath peak through plus recovered seat and new pillow-

Paris Gray painted sweet chair and painted fabric-

Paris Gray bar cart/coffee cart/craft cart/whatever you want cart-

Another French Linen painted end table-

Duck Egg painted coffee table-

Sweet Duck Egg painted children's table with two chairs-

Lovely Duck Egg painted shelf-

Thanks for stopping by friends.
Hope you're enjoying your summer.
Happy living & decorating,

Friday, June 17, 2016

New Passion

Hi friends,
How are you faring this June? For some crazy reason I've found a new weekend hobby that involves me hanging out all day in our stinking hot, like 100+ degrees, very hot, garage. This past time has me sweating. Sweating so much my head is sweating. The kind of sweat that pours into your eyes. Ok, enough of those details. I've discovered the joy in finding sad old furniture that no one but me wants and the pleasure of choosing a fabulous chalk paint  to give my new little friend a make over. Oh and I blast disco music too while I'm working. Can you see that picture? Heaven for me minus the heat.

Here are several projects I've tackled lately:

Details on the projects:

Writing Desk- I painted in French Linen chalk paint with black wax for distressed look then clear wax on top.

Cane Back Chair- Painted Old White chalk paint with clear wax on top plus light sanding on edges for distressed look plus new blue paisley fabric to cover seat and matching two-sided pom pom pillow.

Headboard- Double/full wood headboard painted with Paris Gray chalk paint with black wax applied for distressed look and sealed with clear wax.

Two Conversational Chairs- Wood and fabric covered with Paris Gray chalk paint then light application of black wax and clear wax on top.

I plan on working on more projects this upcoming weekend, thankfully the heat will be less which I'm soooo grateful for.

Happy decorating to you friends,